Problems & Solutions

  • Internet explorer is now outdated and not compatible anymore with our live stream. We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • If you are trying to access the live from a hospital or an institution, video feeds (such as Youtube,Viméo, Dailymotion) might be blocked.
    We recommend you to use your smartphone and share your internet connexion (watch a tutorial), or ask to your network manager.

  • If you are from another country than France, it is possible that your browser blocks the live stream. In that case we recommend you to use the Opera browser, you will be able to choose a virtual location and have access to the live. (watch a video tutorial)

  • Check on the live screen if the volume button is activated. If it is and you still don’t have the sound, please refresh your browser or use another browser.


We would appreciate if you could take a brief moment to provide us with some information your experience level.